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  • Analog Write with 12 LEDs : This example fades 12 LEDs up and the down, one by one, on an Arduino or Genuino Mega board, taking advantage of the increased number of PWM enabled d…
  • ArduinoCommander Ethernet : I found this Android app a little while ago. It allows your android device to control an Arduino ’s GPIOs over either Bluetooth, or over an LAN. I sho…
  • Building a Model Railway : Once you’ve laid the track it’s very tempting to just jump in and start ballasting. However there are loads of little details you need to work on befo…
  • Day&Night Light Control : Mit dieser Arduino Software wird die von der PC-Software Rocrail gesendete Uhrzeit über Loconet für die Lichtsteuerung genutzt.
  • Day&Night-RGB-LED Simulation : Day and Night Simulation for my Model Railroad with a standard RGB-LED-strip and an Arduino Uno
  • Day/Night LDR sensing code : Day/Night LDR sensing code. What is the correct approach to sampling day/night.
  • DS3231 OLED clock : This is an OLED clock I built using an Arduino Micro, a tiny OLED 128×64 display using the SSD1306 controller and I2C interface, and a precision DS323…
  • Glebe Road Junction Update : Well its here at last…my latest update. Better late than never i suppose although i do have a typo in the video title.
  • Infrared sensor & IR Remote control : In this tutorial we will connect and capture the IR codes with an Arduino UNO.
  • IR Remote and Arduino : Arduino project that allows to turn ON and OFF LEDs using a cheap IR remote control as a preparation for the next big step…
  • IR Remote Arduino Project : Using an IR Remote is a great way to have wireless control of your Arduino project.
  • Led, Reed Switch, Arduino : Reed switch and Arduino Uno
  • Lego railroad crossing : Each year, hundreds of Lego people are being senselessly injured in my apartment at manual railroad crossings controlled by 5 year olds. My first Ardu…
  • Lego railroad crossing – railroad_xing.ino : Arduino railroad crossing, as seen in the following video:
  • Multiple things at once. (Blink) : How to do multiple things at once … like cook bacon and eggs
  • Oval track with siding : I made an oval track with siding. The arduino operates two model trains that are in opposite directions and manipulates two tomix electric turnouts.
  • Pendel Baan : With the two IR sensors of the previous article, I made a simple Arduino controlled layout. It’s Back-and-forth layout.
  • Relais over IP : 8 Kanal Relais-over-IP Lösung für unter 50 Euro im Selbstbau!
  • Shift Registers 01 : Arduino Tutorial #3 – Shift Registers (74HC595)
  • Shift Registers 02 : How to Control a Ton of Inputs using Shift Registers!
  • Simulation Arduino Uno : I’m delighted to say that there is a free simulator of the Arduino Uno out there! Anyone with a Windows computer can “play with” an Arduino.